Attend Quadio 'Spring Songwriting Club'

Quadio, a first of its kind, college creative network, announced their partnership with global leader in music rights management BMI for their “Spring Songwriting Club.'' Beginning April 19th, it will be the fifth installment of Quadio’s popular “Songwriting Club” program, an ongoing, online educational initiative for the songwriters of tomorrow to build connections, whilst honing their skills and knowledge of the music industry.

Online education has become a popular route, amidst the pandemic, for those seeking to level-up their skills and stay connected in their industry. Quadio recognizes this need, and as such has developed a platform for young creatives to gain exposure and learning opportunities during the early stages of their careers. The five-week intensive workshop will give club members first-hand songwriting experience, under the guidance of industry experts from BMI, at no cost to participants. Through the partnership, participants will also gain an important education on their rights as performers, a cornerstone of pursuing a sustainable career as a songwriter.

The program will kick-off with an orientation with BMI, followed by weekly workshops where songwriters can receive feedback on their work from their peers and industry professionals. Participants will also be given the opportunity to book one-on-one career mentoring sessions with BMI’s Creative team, an invaluable resource to help them launch and navigate their careers with expert advice from the beginning.

In addition to their quarterly “Songwriting Club'' programs, Quadio has also furthered their educational initiatives through their “HEAR HER: WOMXN+ In Music Summit'' and “Profesh Sesh" Q&A series. Past guests have included industry legends such as Wyclef Jean (rapper, musician, and producer) and Madeline Nelson (music industry executive, founder of HEADS Music, and Wyclef Jean’s manager).

Details on how to sign-up will be announced soon. Stay tuned via Quadio’s (@quadiomedia) and BMI’s (@BMI) social channels for more information.

Program details (timing, structure)

  • Orientation w/ BMI 101 on 4/19
  • 5 week program (Week of 4/19 - Week of 5/17)
  • Each week, members are given a prompt to create a new track (alternating between solo and collab songwriting)
  • Songwriters then bring their new songs to the hour-long group meetings where they share, provide feedback, and discuss thoughts about the newly created tracks
  • Group meetings happen weekly on M, T, & W
  • Price: FREE
  • Office hours w/ BMI every other Thursday

More info at quadio.com