Attend Concert for the Human Family Livestream

Concert for the Human Family is a team of musicians, artists, and creatives shaping a musical journey exploring the powerful intersection between art, social justice, and faith.

By bringing together genres such as classical, jazz, bluegrass, rap, and more, Concert for the Human Family’s music bridges the gap between people of different backgrounds, inspiring change for racial reconciliation and opening listeners up to powerful conversations about the shared human experience.

Led by Nashville recording artist, pianist and composer Kory Caudill, Concert for the Human Family released ‘Progressions’ EP this past May. A collaboration between Caudill and the Baltimore-based hip-hop artist Anthony “Wordsmith” Parker‘Progressions’ EP is a snapshot of the tumultuousness that defined 2020.

In seven tracks, Caudill and Wordsmith explore everything from the passing of Kobe Bryant to the Black Lives Matter Movement, the 2020 election, the tragedy and strain of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more. By tackling these difficult subjects with hope and sharing stories of triumph, Caudill and Wordsmith welcome all listeners to reflect on where we have been, what we have gone through, and what can come next if we come together with compassion.

See Concert for the Human Family’s live performances from the historic Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, here:

"Progressions" - youtube.com/watch?v=X6MxRtmNYlk

“Over The Rainbow” - youtu.be/YM_WlgNXoLo

"I Pray" -  youtube.com/watch?v=1khIcavg9eU

Concert for the Human Family will release Caudill's American Hymn EP later this year. An Appalachian soul meets Baltimore jazz project, the American Hymn EP is a piano driven instrumental collection supported by renowned drummer Chester Thompson. The recordings highlight a diverse span of musical and cultural traditions, with the project itself being focused on reconciliation.
On July 22, they'll perform a livestream concert with Wordsmith, Chester Thompson, Blessing Offor and more. They’ll also perform songs from the genre-spanning ‘American Hymn’ EP at Christ Church Cathedral on September 26 with more shows slated for the remainder of 2021.

For more information visit events.episcopalchurch.org/concert-series.