Attend AES Show Spring Convention

The Audio Engineering Society (AES) will celebrate over 70 years of “Global Resonance” next week during its 150th International Convention.

Register now to join the AES Show Spring 2021 Convention streamcast in Central European Summer Time (CEST), May 25 – 28, at AESEurope.com.


Creative and Alternative Audio Adventurers

Speaker: Lenise Bent

A Peek Under the Hood of Perceptual Audio Coding: A review of the history and a look into the future

Speaker: Marina Bosi

Loudness Normalization, A Personal History

Speaker: Eelco Grimm

History of Women In Audio Panel


  • Leslie Gaston-Bird
  • Carol Bousquet
  • Terri Winston
  • Karrie Keyes
  • Erin Barra
  • Phobean Adedamola