Archive: Friday Freebie - iTrack Mic Preamp & Guitar Input (8/25)

Enter to Win an iTrack Mic Preamp & Guitar Input in This Week's Friday Freebie! 


This week three lucky winners will receive Focusrite’s iTrack One Pre, a compact and portable microphone preamp and guitar input that’s designed for recording high-resolution audio directly onto your iPhone or iPad without the need for external power. It even generates phantom power from iPhones and iPads without significantly draining their battery life, so you can record with professional condenser microphones whenever and wherever you want.

Focusrite Audio Engineering has pioneered professional audio recording technology for nearly 30 years. Starting from the delivery of 12 sonically unrivaled music-recording consoles, Focusrite has gone on to become the leading name in music recording products. The Focusrite brand offers audio interfaces and other solutions for recording musicians, music producers and audio professionals alike. Today the company is famous for offering unprecedented sonic performance at every price point, notably the ubiquitous Scarlett range of USB interfaces. Focusrite pursues opportunities to inspire creativity through technology, constantly seeking new ways to eliminate technological barriers, without compromising on sound quality.


Retail Value: $159.99