Mile of Music

Apply to Perform at Mile of Music

Mile of Music has begun accepting new and alumni artist submissions for Mile 8 (July 30–Aug. 2, 2020). The submission period will be open until Nov. 30. Submitting for consideration does not guarantee an offer. They will only contact you if you are selected to perform at Mile 8.

NEW ARTISTS: If you’ve never performed at Mile of Music and are interested in submitting your information for consideration, read the “new artist” information below and fill out the form here!

ALUMNI ARTISTS: Read the “alumni artist” information and fill out the form here!


Are you a solo artist, duo, trio or full band interested in performing at Mile of Music for Mile 8 in Appleton, Wisconsin? To apply for consideration, please complete the Google form with the information outlined below. Applicants should have availability July 30 – Aug. 2, 2020 and have at least 50 minutes of 100% original music to perform. No cover or tribute artists/bands will be considered.

  • Complete the Google form here:
  • Type in the following info about yourself or your band:
    • Artist or Band Name
    • City and State
    • Music Genre
  • Include:
    • Three (3) links to YouTube videos that best represent your sound and performance
    • URL links to your Facebook page
    • Instagram and Twitter handles
    • Your Spotify link, if applicable
  • Link to Electronic Press Kit (EPK), if applicable
  • Acknowledgment that you or your band have at least fifty (50) minutes of 100% original music to perform.
  • Include the main booking contact information for yourself or your band:
    • First and Last Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Click SUBMIT!

To be considered: All first-time artists/bands must submit their interest in performing at Mile of Music via the Google form submission process and during the allotted time period for consideration. Steps must be followed precisely as noted or the submission form will not be reviewed.