AlexProMix Launches 'Mix with Confidence' Courses

Known for his Dolby Atmos work with labels such as Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records, Immersive Specialist and Founder of AlexProMix, Alex Solano, shares his selection of online mixing and mastering courses and coaching services: Mix with Confidence. By pulling from his knowledge and skills as one of the first adopters of Dolby Atmos and partnering with several esteemed pro audio brands, Solano aims to offer aspiring producers and mixers not only the tools and knowledge, but also the confidence they need to succeed in the industry.

“Most self-taught music producers and mixers will go on YouTube to learn the basics of mixing and mastering,” explains Solano. “While this is a great option for some, watching too many tutorials by too many different creators can lead to confusion. And, unfortunately, it can also leave large gaps of knowledge on what you could be doing wrong. You’ll never know what you don’t know, which is why Mix with Confidence aims to fill in those gaps for self-taught music creators.”

For more information on Mix with Confidence courses, coaching and memberships, visit: alexpromix.com/courses.

Additional educational content can be found on AlexProMix’s Youtube channel, here: youtube.com/@DolbyAtmosMixing/videos.