Album Review: Queensrÿche -- Queensrÿche

Century Media Records
Producer: James Barton
Total Rating: 9 of 10

Queensrÿche marks the album debut of vocalist Todd La Torre. With Parker Lundgren and Michael Wilton on guitars, Eddie Jackson on bass, and Scott Rockenfield on drums, this is as close to the classic 80’s line-up as you’re going to get. With producer James Barton (Operation Mind Crime, Empire) at the board, Queensrÿche is a return to the band’s signature sound. From the cinematic opening of “X2,” the epic guitar orchestration of “Where Dreams Go To Die,” to the furious drumming on “Don’t Look Back,” Queensrÿche returns! La Torre nails every vocal nuance of a young Geoff Tate, making Queensrÿche a must-own for true metal fans.

–Oscar Jordan