Night Sky Sound

Four hours of free studio time, in a multi-million dollar recording facility, including engineer and producer. Time can be used to track instruments, vocals, or mix existing tracks (which can be sent via the internet) - whatever you prefer!

Night Sky Sound is a world-class recording facility residing in north San Diego County. Featured in MIX® Magazine's Class of 2009, this amazing studio has the best of both analog and digital recording gear, killer vintage outboard gear, mics and synths; as well as the latest and greatest cutting edge processing and plug-ins. Our staff has decades of experience producing and mixing many genres of rock, reggae, pop, electronica; and music for film and television. We welcome all types of projects at any stage of production. We especially love to mix down in our acoustically balanced and floated control room. Come and experience San Diego's finest recording studio today!

$500 for 4 hours