SAE Institute Recording Solution Kit

SAE / Rode 1M Microphone
SAE / 1SM Shock Mount
SAE / 1H Headphones
Premium 6m (20') XLR Cable

SAE Institute is more than just another school. We’re a philosophy. A movement. A lifestyle. Our diverse network of students, staff and alumni from across the globe share A Special Passion for creative media that transcends borders and speaks beyond the confines of language. Because of that, being a part of the SAE family means more than getting an ID Card with your picture and our logo on it. it means sharing an appreciation for the creative culture with like-minded people the world over.

Exchanging ideas. Exploring tastes. Enriching the lives of others as you enrich your own. That’s what it means to be a student at SAE Institute.

$300.00 Retail Value