Album Review: "No Time For Enemies" by Gangstagrass (7/10)

Distributed by: Antifragile

Producer: Rench

Gangstagrass’ latest project, though impossible to place in one specific genre, is a fun collection of inspiring bluegrass rap songs that stays on course with the band’s track record since their inception in 2006. The group is unlike any other: a blend of quick-fingered fiddle and banjo players assisted by two old-school Brooklyn rappers. Their bluegrass hip-hop initially makes you raise an eyebrow, but it’s not hard to settle into a groove. As a fan of trap rather than banjo-aided boom bap, I certainly had to set aside expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised by the catchiness and replay value of tracks like “Ain’t No Crime” and “Ride With You.”

Listen to the album here and check out Gangstagrass' website here.