Album Review: Creepoid – Cemetery Highrise Slum (7/10)

Creepoid-600wideBest album title ever! Despite the group’s name, Creepoid is not a goth band. Rather, these Philly-based lads and lass came up with some dreamy, swirly, semi-psychedelic pop reminiscent of ‘80s alt-psyche, but with more London flown in. Heady guitar layers dominate most songs, such as the pretty “Fingernail,” and then the drums kick in on “Dried Out.” The album doesn’t carry through, however. While the songs are all pretty good, there is a lack of momentum and it almost sounds like back in the old days with a turntable and the record is on the wrong speed. It is a good, hypnotic collection to fall asleep to on a hazy summer afternoon. – Brett Bush