Album Review: Cinema by Skylar Gudasz (8/10)

Cinema is an apt title in that Gudasz is an entrancing storyteller. With each song, she reveals different sides of her artistic personality. “Femme Fatale” has a dreamy, surrealistic feel as she states, “I’m trouble….I wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t feel this good.”  “Actress” focuses on a character who has certain theatrical aspirations while locked in a dead end job. “Animal” is semi-autobiographical and follows the lonely life of a traveling musician. “Waitress” poetically states, “All I wanted to do was write you a song so true it would save your life, and save mine. Truth might set you free but it won’t free you from time.” This artist’s delivery and stories will captivate you.

Distributed by: Suah Records

Produced by: Brad Cook