Album Review: "Can’t Stop Progress" by The Immediate Family (7/10)

The Immediate Family

Can’t Stop Progress

Quarto Valley Records

Producers: The Immediate Family

Last fall this legendary quintet debuted with a strong EP Slippin’ and Slidin’. The followup spotlights more of the Americana-flavored rock these session artists practically invented. They’ve supported everyone from James Taylor, Carole King and Warren Zevon to Don Henley, Phil Collins and Jackson Browne. The title track bristles with relentless mid-tempo abandon. That’s followed by the sweet tuneful pop of “One More Time or Two.” “345 Coming Through” features swampy slide guitar, while “Easier” is a lovely laidback ballad. “Machine Gun Kelly” recalls the ‘30s-era gangster and bootlegger, with earnest glee by guitarist-vocalist Danny Kortchmar.