Lollar Pickups Offers New Version of '63 Jazzmaster

Lollar Pickups is a designer and manufacturer of electro-magnetic pickups for electric, bass, and lap steel guitars. The company has earned a reputation for excellence and quality, building pickups that combine the best of modern manufacturing methods with vintage voicing.

The Lollar ’63 Jazzmaster offers a different take on a vintage Jazzmaster sound, with some key differences from our Original ’58 Jazzmaster, formally known simply as the Lollar Jazzmaster. This new version offers a softer attack, flatter and more even EQ response, and a fuller-sounding neck pickup.

Like their Original ’58, the ’63 Jazzmaster draws its inspiration from one especially inspiring guitar – a beautiful sunburst 1963 example. Realizing its pickups sounded quite different from what we were already building, it was a perfect way to respond to customer demand for more variety among vintage voicings, as we do with our Strat, Tele, and other vintage-style pickups.

Its softer attack makes the ’63 Jazzmaster a great choice for rhythm players and those with a more aggressive playing style. An even EQ response helps it take effects that color the sound especially well – think midrange-forward fuzz or overdrive/distortion. As far more Jazzmasters were built in the 1960s than 1950s, it’s generally representative of an era very familiar to players and listeners alike.

The ’63 Jazzmaster is available immediately in several color options.

Product Detailshttps://www.lollarguitars.com/63-jazzmaster