Album Review: Marbin - "Aggressive Hippies" (9/10)

Touring nonstop you meet all kinds. Hence, 
the amusingly titled new album by instrumentalists Marbin references a misadventure
 with overzealous fans. But the title
 could also describe this quartet’s musical
 approach. There certainly is a jam band ele
ment that is organic and cerebral, combined 
with a hyperactive improvisational and rhythmic aesthetic. The band’s sharp interactivity and ability to shift gears at a moment’s notice is finely tuned. Saxophonist Markovitch wails with the harmonic complexity of Coltrane coupled with the fluidity of Charlie Parker. Guitarist Rabin matches him note for note and the results will floor you!

Rating: 9 out of 10

Aggressive Hippies
Marbin Music/Moonjune Music
Producer: Danny Markovitch & Dani Rabim