Album Review: Holy Grail - "Times of Pride and Peril" (9/10)

Falsetto-vocal bands are returning to metal in full force, but nine times out of 10, their sound amounts to a heaping pile of Velveeta. That leaves plenty of room for Pasadena, CA band Holy Grail and their singer James Paul Luna to seize the crown. They do just that with their third album, a conceptual piece that documents the rise and demise of a kingdom, and features 10 sinfully catchy songs. This is the kind of contemporary, classic metal that Trivium fans should be listening to, and with any luck, it’ll land Holy Grail coveted spots at some metal festivals this coming summer.

Score: 9 out of 10

Holy Grail
Times of Pride and Peril
Prosthetic Records
Producer: John Spiker