Album Review: Baaba Maal - "The Traveller" (7/10)

Veteran Senegalese Afro-pop musician/composer busts out with nine new tracks of his unique vision. Each selection is a gem of slightly different style, from slick to primal, and his arrangements sometimes recall the world fusion of likeminded artist Peter Gabriel. His voice is mellifluous and graceful, and beautifully controlled, even on the more frenetic cuts. A wide variety of instrumentation is drawn upon here, ranging from tribal drums, to electronic touches, to the lilting tone of the African kora harp. There’s a couple spoken-word pieces, but the outstanding track here is “Fulani Rock,” which combines an irresistible dance beat with electric guitars.

Score: 7 out of 10

Baaba Maal
The Traveller
Marathon Artists Records
Producer: Johan Hugo