Air Force Band

Close Up: The US Air Force Band

Serving Our Country Through Music: The United States Air Force Band is the Air Force’s premier musical organization. The excellence demonstrated by the Band's Airmen musicians is a reflection of the excellence carried out 24 hours a day by Airmen stationed around the globe. Each member is proud to represent all Airmen, whose selfless service and sacrifices ensure the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of the United States of America. Since its formation in 1941, this world-class organization has inspired billions of listeners through its exhilarating music, engaging concerts and masterful recordings and continues to positively impact the global community. Using music to bridge language, cultural, societal and socio-economic differences, the Band's performances advance international relationships and inspire positive and long-lasting impressions of the U.S. Air Force and the United States of America. The roughly 184 members are divided into six different groups: Air Force Strings, Airmen of Note, Ceremonial Brass, Concert Band, Singing Sergeants and Max Impact.

The Benefits of Service: Four years into her career in the United States Air Force, Technical Sgt. Nalani Quintello––vocalist for the five-piece pop/ rock ensemble Max Impact––is a fantastic ambassador for the overall experience of being in the Air Force Band. Interestingly, she learned of her acceptance into the military while immersed in Hollywood Week of Season 14 of American Idol, and started basic training not long after deciding to leave the show. “The mission of the United States Air Force Band is to honor our veterans, inspire patriotism and connect with the global community through music,” she says. She wants her fellow artists and musicians to understand the personal fulfillment and financial security that comes with serving in the military as a musical performer. In addition to entertaining military and civilian audiences in the United States, Max Impact thrills service members with its trademark high-intensity, hard-rocking vivacity and musical versatility at forward-deployed locations. These performances are a much-needed “taste of home” that bolster troop morale and esprit de corps for remotely-stationed military members. Quintello says the group is actively looking for a male lead
vocalist and new keyboardist.

Technical Sgt. Quintello’s Personal Quote: “Joining the military allowed me to be part of something much bigger than myself. It’s a platform to touch the lives of so many other people and a privilege to represent all Airmen in service and tell their stories through music. We have big shoes to fill every time we perform. It’s an amazing alternative to the highly-competitive music industry. The personal benefits include a starting salary that ranges from $61,557 to $67,461, plus full health care coverage. There are also benefits with the GI Bill and other tuition assistance programs that can be used to help pay for your college education while you serve in the military. I am currently finishing my online degree in Music Business from Berklee College of Music, and I could never have afforded that education without being a proud member of the United States Air Force.”