EDGEOUT Records Launches Rock Artist Development Program

EDGEOUT Records has launched a rock artist development program for new bands.

Studio Edge is held in Los Angeles, California. Each session is approximately six months in duration and consists of three separate - two full days sessions. At the end of each session, bands/artists will leave LA with various goals and project deadlines they must achieve.

A number of bands/artists will be selected through an extensive submittal process to attend. Chosen bands will be offered exercisable recording contracts prior to the session start date. At the completion of the program, EDGEOUT will evaluate each band/artist and determine the agreement.

In order to be considered for STUDIO EDGE, bands/artists must be referred by a third party (managers, agents, lawyers, industry leaders, music executives). For full details, visit edgeoutrecords.com/studio-edge.

Next Studio Edge Session: March 16, 2019
Submissions Open Through: February 3, 2019