New Media Network Launches Nebula TM, A Crowdsourced Rock Band

Starchamber.TV announced on Jan. 18 that the privately-held New Media Network is launching Nebula TM, a next-generation, socially-intelligent web series.

Nebula will discover, nurture, and promote emerging musical talent under the guiding ideal that the best groups will always be greater than the sum of their parts.

Nebula ushers audiences backstage as a talented singer, guitarist, bassist, and drummer, along with a wild-card musician, independently chosen from possibly thousands of applicants across the country, come together in a five-piece band and get ready to record and tour.

After an online registration process, the contestants’ virtual auditions will be judged by audiences at home. Then a rigorous screening process involving both ordinary viewers and a panel of industry professionals ( Peter Doell, Jack Douglas, Robert Margouleff, Bruce Robb, Skip Saylor, Jim Scott, Tony Shepperd, Shelly Yakus ) will together determine the winning participants. The ongoing dramatic hook unfolds in each episode as hopeful stars compete to join the band, build their skills, overcome fears, and learn to play with one another.

Each episode takes on new challenges, from the songwriting process to dealing with group chemistry and dynamics, and finally live performance.

According to Nebula principal, Graylan King, “So often, talented musicians just can’t seem to meet like-minded and equally-skilled peers for reasons of geography or dumb luck. Nebula will be the ‘helping hand,’ once left to fate, by which guitarists find their rhythm section or songwriters gain their voice.”

“Our musicians will hone their craft with our panel of professionals and learn to work together toward a common dream of musical stardom. Our viewers will be able to interact online, in real time, in new and exciting ways using our proprietary Liaisun technology.”

Although the first season will concern itself with a pop/rock combo, the Nebula model is seamlessly adaptable to multiple genres including hip-hop, electronica, country, metal, roots, and world music.

And first up: the search for the best DRUMMER out there - spearheaded by star percussionists Kenny Aronoff, John “JR” Robinson and Curt Bisquera!

For more, visit starchamber.tv/nebula