64 Audio Releases New Flagship A18s 18-Driver In-Ear Monitor

64 Audio is proud to announce its new flagship A18s custom in-ear monitor is now available for order. Debuted at the recent 2020 NAMM Show and with an MSRP of $2,999.00, the A18s is built off of 64 Audio’s existing 18-driver A18t platform but is now designed for the most demanding stage and studio environments.

“We took our flagship 18 driver in-ear monitor and redesigned it to sound bigger, richer, and more full at high volumes,” explained Vitaliy Belonozhko, founder and Chief Technical Officer. “With a more sophisticated electronic crossover network and new custom-designed driver components, the A18s has greater headroom, achieving optimal clarity without distortion. Musicians will be thrilled with its warm, detailed, and spacious sound that won’t falter from a demanding performance. The punch, power, and precision of the A18s make it the optimum in-ear monitor for every kind of artist, instrument, or genre of music.”

Designed for professionals on stage and in the studio, the new A18s is the final authority on flagship in-ear monitors that boast elite performance. Based on the world’s first 18-driver earphone, it provides the clarity and accuracy necessary for sound engineering with the warmth, capacity, and headroom demanded by musicians taking the stage. Now including 64 Audio’s exclusive LID (Linear Impedance Design) technology, the A18s is 64 Audio’s most capable and versatile in-ear monitor ever created.

LID technology provides a consistent sound signature no matter what source you’re plugged into. This consistency gives you the advantage of picking up right where you left off without redoing changes or having to course correct your workflow. Whether you’re mixing in the studio or reviewing tracks on a laptop, the A18s remains reliable and true to its sound signature from source-to-source.

“The unparalleled sound quality of the A18s already makes it an undeniable choice for the studio, but where it exceeds expectations is by delivering studio quality sound that fits into the palm of your hand,” Belonozhko continued. “Combined with the perfect fit of a custom molded earpiece, the A18s is the most compact, accurate, IEM in the studio, on stage, on the plane, in the car, or anywhere else in the world.”

The new A18s is the result of some very close collaboration and testing with 64 Audio’s musicians and engineers. 64 Audio worked hard to develop a product that not only can hold its own in the most demanding applications, but actually empowers artists to push their own boundaries.

The original A18t was the first custom in-ear monitor to incorporate an unprecedented 18 drivers per ear, giving it unmatched clarity and resolution ideal for audiophiles and engineers. It quickly then became a favorite for many famed musicians as well. The new A18s builds off of this award-winning concept with a re-tuned sound signature, new drivers, and a new crossover that allows it to play at even higher volumes without distortion, making it ideal for the most demanding live stage environments.

From studio to stage to sophisticated home audio environments, 64 Audio has created the industry’s most innovative universal and custom-built in-ear monitors available to date. Founded by Vitaliy Belonozhko in 2010, a sound engineer who has been working with musicians and production companies for nearly two decades, he discovered the advantages of IEMs over traditional floor “wedges” and recognized that a better solution to in-ear monitoring was needed. Today, 64 Audio supplies products worldwide to some of the best-known musicians, singers, and engineers in the world, as well as discerning audiophiles who demand nothing but the best sound reproduction from their systems. With new and unrivaled technologies such as apex®, LID™, tia™ and 3D-Fit™, 64 Audio excels in challenging traditional earphone designs to bring to market unique and innovative audio products.

For more information on 64 Audio, please visit www.64audio.com.