New Music Critique: Cuttaman 100Gran

Cuttaman 100Gran
[email protected]

Web: ffm.to/dajygyz

Seeking: Label, Booking, Mgmt
Style: Rap, Hip-Hop

North Carolina’s Cuttaman 100Gran surprised us with a catalog that consists of positive messages, introspective growth and maturity, packaged with great, sing-songy choruses. “Cooler Than I Ever Been” features Cuttaman’s auto-tune rapping over dark chiptune instrumentals and a twangy guitar, a la “Old Town Road.” “Rich Porter,” named for the Harlem drug-slinger, is more aggressive and dramatic, melding a Phantom of the Opera-style organ over deep sub-synth bass and sizzling trap drum beats. On “Every Morning,” Cuttaman 100Gran croons for unconditional love even when he’s “on the road,” “doing shows” or “getting stoned.” “She get butt-naked, tell me I’m lucky.” Aww, how sweet!