10K Projects Announces $500,000 Commitment to Fight Racial Injustice

10K Projects, one of the fastest growing independent record labels in the world, announced today the formation of 10K Together, a charitable arm of the company whose initial focus will be to fight against racist policies and racial injustice, create career opportunities for Black youth and support Black-owned businesses.  The company has committed to spend $500,000 over the next five years as part of a comprehensive program which includes three components:
10K Together will donate to charities fighting against racism and promoting progressive policies.  As a first step, today 10K Together has donated $25,000 to Color Of Change, the nation's largest online racial justice organization.
Youth Empowerment
10K Together will establish and finance an intern program to empower Black youth at 10K Projects and partner companies to choose the music business as a viable career path.
Supporting Black Owned Businesses
10K Together has made a commitment to support Black-owned businesses in Los Angeles, where the company is headquartered.
"We all have a responsibility to be the change we want to see in the world, but making a real difference is going to take a long-term commitment," said Elliot Grainge, Founder and CEO of 10K Projects. "We encourage our colleagues in the independent community to join us in our long-term fight against racist policies and racial injustice in this country and to create opportunity within the community that has given us all so much."
10K Together will be directed by an internal taskforce of 10K Projects employees who meet regularly to discuss new initiatives and creative ideas and assess the success of current programs.
"Launching 10K Together for the purpose of fighting racial injustice in support of the Black community-was important to each and every one of us here at 10K," said Danielle Price, Senior Vice President Business and Legal Affairs at the label.  "As we enact specific programs, we're looking to meet with community members - and even other labels - to put into practice solutions that make a long-term difference for the Black community."
To date 10K Projects has matched the donations made by its artists and its employees.