New Toys: Wolff Audio MeMore Headphone System

Famed designer Paul Wolff has a new, all-analog headphone system that is expandable to accommodate any number of musicians with their own, personal 12-channel headphone mixer. This system has eight mono channels, and two stereo channels arranged in a familiar-looking audio mixer format measuring only 13-inches wide. It requires no instructions or skill to use and MeMore can sit on a desktop or use its threaded mount to attach it atop any microphone stand.

It is powered by an included external power supply connected by a 5-pin XLR connector; MeMore’s excellent audio fidelity that’ll drive any impedance headphones louder than loud including my power hungry Audeze LCD-X Planar Magnetic pair.

All analog line level audio comes in via db25 (d-subs) connectors. Each mono channel has its own Level control, Pan Pot and T-Q (Wolff Audio’s version of a Tilt-like EQ)—a single tone control knob. Increasing brightness lowers the bass at the same time and if the sound is too bright, turn the T-Q control CCW takes down the highs and brings up the bass. These are gentle, “touch-up” EQs with center (flat) detents.

Channels 9/10 and 11/12 are stereo input channels that use both d-subs and rear panel XLR inputs; 11/12 has 1/4-inch TRS inputs as well. These stereo channels also have a single volume control, Pan/Balance, and T-Q control.

MeMore’s other features include: a built-in Talkback mic with its own (2:1 ratio) compressor and its own separate XLR output jack and lighted push button with a hands-free 1/4-inch footswitch jack. When MeMore units are linked together, talkback audio is automatically routed to all of them and can also serve as a “hear me” feed mixed into the headphones.

All db25 sockets are “multed” or copied on the rear panel as well as on the bottom of the MeMore for convenience. In addition, there are two additional db25 connectors for linking nearly unlimited MeMore units together without loss of fidelity. 

In a live tracking session, you could have a stereo track mix going to Channel 9/10 and then each player could adjust the level of himself using the individual track volume controls for their particular instrument or vocal track.

Channel 11/12 could play a completely different stereo mix at the same time such as for a drummer with click track, an orchestra conductor or for any stereo source that you need individual control over. The possibilities are nearly endless especially for commercials or post-production work where simplicity and speed are very important.

Soon there will be a Direct Digital interface that runs at 96kHz with only 2 SAMPLES of latency (measured at 48kHz). This interface would reside in the control room and existing Dante or Cat-5 cabling could be repurposed. MeMore Headphone Systems start at $1,299 MSRP.