New Toys: Audix PDX720 Signature Edition Dynamic Microphone  

Audix adds the PDX720 Signature Edition, a futuristic-looking hyper-cardioid professional dynamic studio microphone to their studio collection. The PDX720 is finished in a flat black color and trimmed out in beautiful gold. This end address mic (meaning you talk or sing directly into the end of it rather than into its side) is for studio vocal recording—singing, podcasting, or voiceover work and has an impressive heft weighing in at 1.9 pounds and measuring 8.34-inches in length.

I found the microphone’s output level sufficient for most all uses (except for recording super-quiet Foley sound effects) without requiring an external booster amp. I used a professional Millennia Music & Media HV-37 transformer-less mic pre-amp but any inexpensive USB interface will work great.

The PDX720 has two, three-position toggle switches located in a recessed cavity at the opposite end of the mic's all-metal (aluminum) body. There is a Presence boost of either off, 1.5dB or 3dB at about 5-kHz. There is also a low-cut filter with three choices of off, 120-Hz or 155-Hz. The Presence boost adds a little more "cut" to thick vocals.

I liked these switches both off for singing or talking about four inches from the end of the mic. But recording a booming bass drum required the 120-Hz low-cut filter position.

The Audix PX720 proved to be excellent for recording drums with its good directivity that tends to prevent loud hi-hats from being picked up when I had it aimed at a snare drum's top head for example. Its 50-Hz to 20-kHz frequency response and ability to take up to 135-dB SPL make it a natural for positioning close to loud drums. It has a warmer sound without excessive brightness. Thin, small sounding drums take on a thicker quality right away

The PDX720 is designed, machined, assembled and tested by Audix in the U.S. It sells for $799 MSRP.