With Confidence at Teragram Ballroom - photo credit: Siri Svay

With Confidence at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA

In the five years that With Confidence have been together, they’ve made it perfectly clear that they’re coming for the top of the pop-punk pyramid. They found themselves on national radio after their first EP in their homeland of Australia; supported the likes of 5 Seconds of Summer, You Me At Six and Marianas Trench; and even found themselves on the entirety of the 2016 Vans Warped Tour on their first go around. Their EP’s and debut album, Better Weather, feature songs that sound like cuts from a band that has been together far longer. Their lyricism is incredibly relatable as many of their songs focus on mental health, which is another draw, especially given the taboo of mental health in our culture.

That all being said, this reviewer went into With Confidence's performance supporting State Champs at L.A.’s Teragram Ballroom with pretty high expectations. Admittedly we had seen them briefly at Warped Tour and interviewed lead singer Jayden Seeley, but there’s always something different about seeing a band in a venue opening for someone else as opposed to a festival setting. Long story short, With Confidence did not disappoint.

The setlist primarily comprised songs from the full-length, though they did play “London Lights” and “Godzilla,” which are both found on their Distance EP. This decision created the perfect mix to hype up the crowd for their headliner, and was a great way to appease new fans hearing them for the first time and old fans who have been with them through the EP’s. While they don’t seem to have found the peak of their talent yet they are certainly on the right track, and it will be interesting to see how they grow not only in their performance but also through their future releases.

One of the most notable things about the quintet is their ability to command the stage and their fans. Even just during their warm up, they were interacting with fans and their presence demanded attention, even when they were just there fiddling with tuning their instruments. Their banter was reminiscent of their contemporaries All Time Low, and for just a moment, it felt like we were privy to seeing the beginning of the next big name in pop-punk. It was most impressive that they were the second headliner on a bill of four, and yet their crowd’s energy rivaled that of the opener. Just based on that, it would be safe to guess that they won’t continue to be openers in the U.S. for long.

For more information on the band, visit withconfidenceband.com.

Text by Victoria Patneaude | Photos by Siri Svay

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