Wilson Expands Roadcase Management Company with Sketchy Goat

Nancy Wilson, who is celebrating 50 years in the music business, is also expanding her newly formed Artist Management company with the addition of creative artist Karmann Sloane, aka Sketchy Goat. The groundbreaking artist has joined the roster under the guidance of Wilson, Geoff Bywater, Julia Bywater, Geoffrey Bywater and Max Flohr - the team at Roadcase Management. Julia Bywater will be the manager for Sketchy Goat.
Sketchy Goat has worked with a varied list of high profile performing artists including The Smashing Pumpkins, Tech Port Center + Arena (Judas Priest, Queensryche, W.A.S.P., Michael Schenker, Armored Saint), Sean Kinney (Alice in Chains), Jerry Cantrell, Nancy Wilson (Heart), John 5 (Rob Zombie, Motley Crue) and many others designing drum head graphics, posters, logo design, T-shirt graphics, music video direction, single covers, art direction, stage graphics, video production, and advertising. In fact, she designed the logo art for Roadcase Management seen above.
Artist Statement: I am facilitating a creative evolution through bold colors and fluid lines, experimentation with warped lettering, and indulgence in psychedelia. I bring indescribable moments to life through the fluorescence of sound.
Wilson recently expressed why it’s so important to help cultivate new talent. “After so many years of being an artist in this business, I would love to use my experience to help elevate other talented and deserving musicians. Roadcase Management debuted last month with its first artist, Portland, OR based Singer/Songwriter MADISENXOXO, who released her new EP on April 21st. Roadcase have plans to add to their artist roster this summer.

Poster art from Sketchy Goat for Nancy Wilson’s Summer Tour


Twitter: @sketchygoat
Instagram: @sketchygoat
Facebook: facebook.com/sketchygoat
View sketchy goat's artwork here
About Roadcase Management:
Founded by Nancy Wilson and Geoff Bywater, their mission statement is simple: We aspire to inspire and represent a new upcoming generation of talent. Roadcase Management will provide both experienced creative and experienced business input to protect the new creatives on their career journeys.