Waves Audio Releases Magma Springs Reverb Plugin

Waves Audio, developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, is expanding its custom-shop Magma series, with the release of the Waves Magma Springs plugin, the third plugin released in the series.

Some reverbs melt into the mix. Others boast a distinctive character. Spring reverb does both. Its distinct sound commands attention, and these types of reverbs have been cherished by a loyal following ever since the inception of spring reverb in the 1930s. The Waves Magma Springs plugin is a collection of seven of the most popular types of spring reverb, capturing the nostalgic spirit of unique musical eras and styles:

50’s takes us back to the birth of rock & roll, tapping into the melancholic sound of old Memphis Blues records.

Twang delivers that unmistakable Tele-into-Vox sound. This spring reverb style is also magical for electronic music, especially on analog synths and looping arpeggios.

Motor City
This spring type has serious size and weight and epitomizes that “old-school” soul and R&B sound. (When Motor City is applied to drums, you will experience HUGE results.)

Classic gives you that big, warm and versatile spring reverb sound that can make almost any element sit beautifully in the mix. At times, it can sound like a smooth plate reverb.

California is about maximum vibe, letting you capture the sunny sounds of classic recordings from the 1960s and 70s. Its brighter tone makes vocals float gorgeously above the mix. By experimenting with the tone controls, you can achieve more ominous performances.

If you were to strum a Les Paul into a blown-out Fender cabinet in a large hangar, that would approximate the sound of Heavy. This spring delivers a wonderfully thick cloud above any element.

Dark Space
Based on a well-loved hardware unit, this spring reverb type is the essential sound of Dub, and it will send any production element into new sonic realms.

Waves Magma Springs plugin features:

  • The timeless sound of spring reverb which stylized multiple genres & eras
  • Seven spring reverb units modeled
  • Tactile analog workflow for seamless results
  • Perfect to achieve classic Indie, Surf, Motown, Dub, Rock & Roll, Country and many more sounds
  • Driven by the analog Magma tube sound
  • Pre-Delay & Feedback controls for wild creative FX options

Try Magma Springs’ classic reverbs on any part, any genre, and imbue your tracks with the distinctive sound of a cult legend. Its recognizable metallic twang is a timeless sonic quality and can often play a part as an inspiration to create a song or instrumental.

Magma Springs is available as a single plugin, or in the MercuryPro Show, and SD7 Pro Show bundles.

It has also been added to the Waves Ultimate plugin subscription, which includes all 230+ Waves plugins as monthly or annual subscriptions.

To learn more about Magma Springs, click here.