All I Wanna Do is See T. Mills

When the curtains came up at the El Rey Theatre to reveal a large T and M while lights flashed and tension built, it became quite apparent that the audience was in for a treat. What wasn’t expected, however, was the amount of screams and adoration 25-year-old singer/rapper T. Mills received. There are very few opening acts that garner a response that rivals that of their headliner, but as the Californian opened his set, it quickly became apparent that it was much deserved.

With guns blazing and words slinging, Mills had an energy that could get even the most stoic of concert goers moving. His energy was so high, in fact, that the recorded versions of his songs now pale in comparison. (Note, they are still great, they just don’t capture the same ferocity that Mills is capable of.) Performing tracks from his previous releases—“Leaving Home” and “Ready, Aim, Fire”—Mills was the perfect segue into Rixton, as he got the crowd moving and sweating. The highlight of the night, without a doubt, was his closing performance of his current single “All I Wanna Do.” The rapper joined the crowd after making the promise to dance, first leaning over them from the barrier before running out into it and encircling them.

Upon seeing Mills perform, it is abundantly clear that he should be a headliner. It actually needs to be said that had he been opening for anyone else, he most likely would have outshone them. Mills has all the makings of a great hip-hop artist, and to be honest, this reviewer can’t wait to see him again, only this time with his name at the top of the bill.

Mills is set to release his second studio album later this year, but until then, pick up his previous releases and single on iTunes now!

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Photos and Words by Victoria Patneaude

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