WAMCon Virtual Announces New Breakout Sessions

WAMCon Virtual is putting on a number of virtual "Breakout" sessions for the next conference, from improving livestream audio to new reverb plug-ins. Check out the details below, and get your tickets today.

"Intro to Music in Dolby Atmos” with Helena Ngo and Rhonda Wilson of Dolby
Learn about the future of music creation and listening in Dolby’s advanced sound technology, Dolby Atmos. This breakout session provides a high-level overview of what the Dolby Atmos Music experience is, how creatives in music are using it to expand their creative palette, and how music in Dolby Atmos gets delivered to fans.

“Capturing Audio in This Livestreamed World” with Laura Davidson of Shure
In today’s world of virtual everything, musicians are turning to livestreams as a way to supplement their income. In this session, learn how to pivot your audio expertise to help address subpar audio for these creators in Zoom and Facebook.

“Drum Recording Techniques with sE” with Kyle Gerhart of sE Microphones and Renee Couture, Drummer of The Standstill
A conversation between drummer, Renee Couture of The Standstills and engineer, Kyle Gerhart, focused on drum miking techniques and communications between drummers and engineers.

“Engineering: The Art of the Craft” with Maureen Droney, Piper Payne, and Carolyn Malachi of the Recording Academy's Producers & Engineers Wing
Gain insight into the engineering process and learn about career paths with member engineers from the Recording Academy - the organization behind the GRAMMYs.

“Mixing with iZotope’s Neoverb” with Rachel Alix of iZotope
Join Sound Designer Rachel Alix as she shows off how to use Neoverb, iZotope’s new intelligent reverb plug-in, in the context of a full mix.

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