WALK THE MOON & Almost Monday at the Newport Music Hall

North High Street was lined with fans waiting for the Dream Plane Tour on Friday, October 1 at Newport Music Hall in Columbus.

WALK THE MOON, and special guest Almost Monday, took over the scene with their synth-rock experience in a jam-packed venue.

Almost Monday, an indie-pop trio from San Diego, kicked off the night with a wild set. Lead vocalist Dawson Daugherty explained that their clothes got lost in transit, so the ‘fits were thrifted. He flung his body around in an ill-fitting suit, broken loafers, and sunglasses, completing the look with an OSU tee. Though the crowd was timid at first, Almost Monday was able to break through and put on a fun, synthy set.

Based in Cincinnati, WALK THE MOON was formed in 2006 while lead singer Nicholas Petricca (vocals/keys/synth) was a student at Kenyon College, just outside of Columbus. The band, who joined Spotify’s Billions Club with their hit song “Shut Up and Dance,” are well-established despite the turbulence that comes with constantly dropping and adding members. WALK THE MOON has had 8 members come and go since their start, but has managed to keep a consistent, yet still-evolving, sound.

You could feel the hometown love in the smoky air as they kicked off the night with “Portugal.” Band members Sean Waugaman (drums) and Eli Maiman (bass/guitar), as well as touring bandmate Lachlan West (keys/percussion), weren’t afraid to get a piece of the high-energy action as they stood on amps and set the tone. The performance of their newest single, “Fire in Your House,” was a highlight of the evening. Petricca exclaimed more than once through the night: “It feels so good to put new music out!”

“Kamikaze” was performed as a stripped down, barely lit, one man show, contrasting the full spectrum of colors and sounds that the rest of the night held. The crowd joined in with synchronized hands for “I Can Lift a Car,” and lost their minds to “Shut Up and Dance.” The encore, consisting of favorites “Aquaman” and “Anna Sun” was insisted upon by relentless cheers. WALK THE MOON has certainly captured the heart of Columbus. You can catch WALK THE MOON on the Dream Plane Tour through December across the United States.

Visit www.walkthemoon.com for more information.