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USC Thornton Popular Music Senior Showcase at El Rey Theatre

Last Monday, the USC Thornton Popular Music Senior Showcase featured all of their 2018 graduating class from the Popular Music program.

With a large attraction to the free event, moving venues proved to be a necessity. Coming from the smaller and more intimate Troubadour, it was the showcase's first year at the El Rey theatre. Amongst the artists were a collection of original and unique material performed. This demonstrated great diversity and variation in all genres and styles across the entirety of the program.

It was a special night for all graduating seniors, having spent the last four years building up to this moment. Distinctive to the night was the overlap of artists playing with other artists. While some might have had their own song, they would still playing in other performer's backing bands, showing just how tight-knit these group of students are.

Over a dozen performers took to the stage and inspired all of us in the crowd. Seeing USC students applaud their fellow peers for their hard work and dedication to music made for an exceptional night. Each student performed their hearts out; this program is one-of-a-kind and it's evident that these artists have worked hard in the program to get to this point in their careers as musicians.