Vinyl Review: Slipknot Live at MSG

When I was informed Slipknot’s 2009 Madison Square Garden performance would be released on vinyl and sent my way for review I thought “welp, I’ll say what I gotta say and then I swear I'll go away.” See what I did there? Your move, Corey Taylor.

Most of my vinyl reviews for MC focus on the pressing itself (the art, the playback quality, etc.), but not the written music or how it's mixed. However, since this is the first time these masters will hit maggot ears, I’ll sprinkle in some mixing critique too. And not just because Music Connection pays me per word.*

First and foremost, the cover art is frustratingly clever. It almost feels a bit like my eyes are being gaslit. “Is that blurry? It’s definitely blurry… no wait, maybe that’s just my camera lens. ::blows hot air on lens and wipes with favorite Slipknot shirt:: Nope. Definitely the album cover. Sick. Well played.”

This double-disc copy came in the standard black vinyl (which I prefer) and, to be honest, it’s cut quite nicely. Not only did the release team do a good job of deciding where to place each track, but because we’re graced with two vinyl, there’s plenty of blank space, alleviating my ears from any opportunity for poorly-cut groove distortion at the end of each side. 

The mix itself took me right back to seeing the band live in the early 2000s. Not too muddy and appropriately mixed crowd singalongs. Could have used more ping on that "Duality" beer keg tho. All I heard was China cymbal…. 

After each track my shorts grew longer into orange parachute pants. My throat closing as a ball-chain necklace choked tighter. My LA Looks hair gel dripping into my eyes as I sweat it out moshing in my “Don’t Ever Judge Me” tee. I guess what I’m trying to say is, this is a must-have for any big-time Slipknot fan looking to reminisce.

I was told this release is to celebrate 15 years of the band's fourth studio album, All Hope Is Gone. Neat-o! Pre-order your copy at Sliknot’s official store https://slipknot1.com, or pick it up anywhere vinyl are sold Aug 18th.

*Music Connection definitely doesn’t pay me per word. If they did, I’d copy and paste the album’s wikipedia notes so I could afford more frozen yogurt. 🤘