Video of the Week: Quavo and Lana Del Rey Get Tough

Photo credit: Wyatt Spain Winfrey

Former Migos man Quavo and alt-pop queen Lana Del Rey have joined forces for new single and video "Tough."

The country-tinged song sees Del Rey offer sultry crooning, as one might expect. Quavo isn't coming in with tough rhymes, as the title might suggest, but rather thoughtfully sung lines of his own. Put them together and the results are rather lovely.

"Directed by Wyatt Spain Winfrey, the video for ‘Tough' is a mesmerizing fusion that allows both superstars to fearlessly explore each other's musical realms, showcasing their indomitable spirit," they say. "Set in a rural backdrop, Quavo and Lana are intrepid companions, undaunted by life's trials. On one end, Quavo brandishes his shotgun while Lana carries her guitar, symbolizing their unwavering strength despite their contrasting origins."

"Tough like the scuff on a pair of old leather boots/Like the blue-collar, red-dirt attitude/Like a .38 made out of brass/Tough like the stuff on your grandpa's glass," the country-trap hook goes.

See for yourself below.