Video of the Week: Kash Doll Reveals Her Kommandments

Detroit hip-hop queen Kash Doll has dropped a new single and accompanying video called "Kash Kommandments," which sees her laying out some life lessons.

The video sees Kash entering what looks like a formal business environment, looking executive-elegant, and then imparting her wisdom on a group of similarly-attired women.

The lessons are pretty straightforward: don't get fucked over more than once, get the money that you're owed, and so on. Fair enough.

"The video, directed by Diego, showcases 'Professor Kash' imparting invaluable lessons on being an empowered boss," reads the press release. "Since its release via MNRK Music Group, Kash Doll has ignited the streets with 'Kash Kommandments,' garnering fans to jump on board, taking flight on social media, and creating over 12k videos within days of the song's release."

Kah Doll's "Kash Kommandents" is out now. Her sophomore album drops in the summer.