Another Victory Publishing Inc Partners With BMG Chrysalis


Independent label powerhouse Victory Records’ publishing company, Another Victory Publishing Inc, has officially partnered up for an exclusive sub-publishing agreement with BMG Chrysalis, covering the following territories: Canada, UK, Germany, France, and more. A lucrative deal for both parties, BMG has a presence in eight core music markets and with its unique philosophy and steadfast commitment to the interests of artists, creating a truly 21st century partnership. Another Victory Publishing Inc is becoming a worldwide operation, also partnered up with Mushroom Music Publishing (Australia, New Zealand), Fujipacifc Music (S.E. Asia) Ltd., Edicione Musicales Clipper’s S.L. (Spain, Portugal), Musou Ltd Music Publishing (Greece, Cyprus), and more. Visit www.AnotherVictory.com for further information Victory’s placements, licensing, proud partners, and more.