Up Close: The Hideout Recording Studio


From Odds On to Kevin Churko: A popular music and production studio owned by Juno Award winning, multi-Grammy nominated songwriter, engineer and producer Kevin Churko and his son Kane and daughter Khloe, The Hideout Recording Studio in Henderson, NV is minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip. The studio includes a 1200 square foot orchestra ready tracking room with the largest-ever 96 channel Solid State Logic Duality. When Churko––whose legendary credits include Ozzy Osbourne, Modern Science, Disturbed and Shania Twain––bought the facility in 2016, he created a permanent studio home for himself while continuing to run it as a commercial facility for musicians, songwriters, composers and beat makers.

Why The Hideout: The studio’s location has made it a hotspot for superstar artists with residencies at showrooms on The Strip––including Lady Gaga and Boyz II Men, as well as the go-to studio for artists such as Five Finger Death Punch, Kendrick Lamar and many, many others. Director of Studio Operations Zoe Thrall says, “Vegas is truly a vibrant 24/7 city that lives on the same schedule we make records on. After a long day of record making, artists can get a meal and wind down with a cocktail. True to its name, the Hideout is a haven for L.A. based musicians who want privacy when they work and don’t want a constant rush of people around them. We have thrived during the pandemic because many of the comparable L.A. facilities were closed much longer.” Thrall adds that all protocols are still observed, from temperature taking and wearing a mask in common areas to recording large groups like choirs a few members at a time. Thrall, who for years ran The Studio at the Palms, Vegas’ only other major recording facility, says that The Hideout’s secret weapon is renowned tech maintenance master Ed Evans. In addition to recording, mixing and mastering, The Hideout offers a wide range of other services.

The Rooms: The Hideout’s recording and monitoring rooms were designed to achieve the most precise possible acoustic properties and sound. Studios A and B feature Ocean Way sound systems and Solid State Logic (SSL) consoles, Studio C  is a hybrid tracking/production room with Meyer HD-1 monitors and Studio D is a writing/mixing production and mastering room. All rooms feature Avid Pro Tools HD, and include a large collection of cutting-edge and vintage outboard gear and an extensive selection of vintage mics.

Quote from Kevin Churko: “The Hideout has so many things going for it. First as an artist, then as producer, I’ve recorded in many studios over three different continents, for many decades. Since I’ve experienced the best and the worst, now as an owner, I’m able to use my experience, whether good or bad, in every decision I make. I’ve also made records out of my house. Not everybody wants or needs a world-class facility like The Hideout, but we’ve eliminated any obstacles to not come here. Between our four rooms, there’s a price point and format that can accommodate anybody. From vintage analog to state of the art digital, if you need it, we most likely have it. Also, because it’s family owned and operated, it’s a friendly environment. While we’ve had to grow and expand, we have some of the same staff from the first day I walked in. We’re all about the music and setting the artist up to only have to think about the music.”

For a complete list of equipment and photos, visit hideoutlv.com and for hourly or block studio rates please contact The Hideout at 702-445-7705 or email [email protected].

Pictured l-r: Kevin Churko, Zoe Thrall, Khloe Churko