Up Close: Solcor Cables



From Extension Cords to Musical Instrument Cables: A pioneering family-owned international manufacturer of cables for musical instruments, microphones, patches, etc., Mexico City-based Solcor Cables launched in the ’70s as a manufacturer of extension cords that came in many colors. By 1986, entrepreneur Soledad Corona and her small staff had become a major supplier of extension cords to the biggest retail stores in Latin America—the largest of these being Walmart. 

Entering the music consumer market in 1995, Solcor Cables created a popular and innovative line of microphone cables, snakes and speaker cables—and by 2000, the music aspect of the business had taken precedence over extension cords. They also make ethernet cables for digital audio. Solcor Cables currently has nearly 400 brick and mortar dealers in Mexico and is quickly building a base in the U.S., selling its products in over 30 outlets. With solid manufacturing and supply experience, the company under Tirado’s leadership is also expanding into Canada and Europe. 

“Yes, it Makes a Difference”: Tirado and his Corpus Christi-based U.S. marketing consultant Jerry Colmenero have used this phrase so many times in their dealings with potential brick and mortar suppliers that they have trademarked it as part of Solcor’s branding. “We walk into instrument stores and I say to the skeptical manager, who thinks all cables are alike, ‘Give me your worst sounding guitar.’ Usually they’ll offer up a Fender Telecaster or some single coil pickup guitar. I hand them one of our cables, plug it in and they say, ‘Wow, cable really makes that much of a difference?’ and eventually, ‘That sounds great.’ They look at our cable and see how meticulously it’s built and realize nobody else is making cables of this quality.” 

Tirado adds, “The assembly of our instrument cables includes a double shrink tube and a silicon bead to keep the conductors separate. These protective layers prevent breaks at the most common failure point. Each cable is created by hand. People are very attracted to the vivid two- or three-color braids, as well. Unlike most manufacturers, we also pride ourselves on developing personal, hands-on relationships with our customers.”

Variety of Cables: Solcor’s website currently lists seven categories of cables: 100% Rock, Standard, Style Line, Classic Pro, Heavy Line, Snakes and Bulk Cable—and they will soon introduced the Duro Style. In addition, Solcor has a Custom Shop, offering a competitive price and quick turnaround for cables designed for special projects. The website lists key qualities that set Solcor Cables apart from their competitors: noise free; handmade with precision instruments; anticorrosive soldering; oxygen-free conductors; 8mm flexible PVC jacket insulation; a conductive PVC inner layer and high-density copper braid shield that offers 95% interference protection and full metal connectors with gold plated conductors. 

Another key to Solcor’s success is its prime core values: Teamwork, Honesty, Communication, Innovation, Responsibility and Discipline.

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