Up Close: Paul Loggins

Promoter-Publisher-Producer-Music Industry Entrepreneur: Throughout his career, Paul Loggins has pushed against boundaries that define the landscape of the music industry. He is the founder of cutting-edge companies including Loggins Promotion, AirplayAccess, New Music Showcase, New Music Weekly Magazine and its New Music Awards which celebrates major and independent artists/bands, radio and music industry executives. Loggins’ extensive decades of accomplishments have garnered him numerous awards and industry accolades.

Heatin’ Up the Airwaves for Nearly 30 Years: As a veteran record promoter, Loggins has dedicated his career to supporting independent musicians. Helping artists adjust with the changes within the industry, Loggins is dedicated to radio promotion, marketing and publicity. He has achieved success in all genres of music for many major artists ranging from Keith Urban to Mariah Carey. Once dubbed as a “revolutionary of the indie music world,” Paul Loggins has carved a unique niche by promoting indie artists side by side with music icons. He says, “I stepped forward to level the playing field between major and independent labels and artists.”

Four Corners of the Room: Loggins’ “four corner” approach to a successful career in music consists of radio promotion and equally important marketing, publicity and tour support. A national campaign starts with creating buzz and hype, getting radio intrigued and securing radio airplay.

The Importance of Social Media: Over the past few years, social media has played an increasingly important role in breaking independent artists. Loggins says, “Radio promotion is an entrée best served hot with a side of social media.” He stresses the importance of supersaturating an artist’s music online at all retail and streaming outlets in additional to spending hours a week attracting “likes” on their Facebook page and gaining followers on Twitter and Instagram. In-store music promotion is a service Loggins provides to enhance its national campaigns to get an artist’s music programmed in retail stores, malls and restaurants––places where many people discover new music.

Driving Passions: Today, Loggins continues to lead promotion and marketing at the helm of his companies. Internationally, he has contributed to the success of artists and bands with more than 100 Top 10 charted singles. Despite Loggins’ success in other areas of the music industry, music and radio remain his passions.