Up Close: KRK Systems


35 Years of Sound Innovation: Founded in 1986 by a visionary film industry audio engineer who couldn’t find monitors that gave him the clarity and accuracy he needed, KRK Systems––a longtime member of the Gibson Family of Brands––is today still driven by the same philosophy and understanding: “Great sound doesn’t necessarily start with the studio, the latest gear or the latest software. It starts with the heart, and it starts with the truth.”

The company has set the music industry standard since launching its flagship Expose studio monitor series in 1996. Top engineers were attracted to the monitors’ amazing dynamics and spectral balance. Craig Hockenberry, KRK’s Director of Engineering, says, “All the products KRK creates are based off the same fundamental design philosophy, focusing on accuracy, spectral balance, dynamics, and resonance and distortion management.” In 2000, KRK was purchased by the Stanton Group, whose divisions also included Cerwin-Vega and Stanton DJ. Gibson’s purchase of the Stanton Group in 2011 became the basis for a new Gibson Pro Audio division. Classic legacy lines include the ROKITs, the number 1 selling monitor in the world since their inception.

V Series: Launched in 2017, KRK Systems V Series 4 nearfield studio monitors are specifically designed for audio production applications where accurate reproduction is critical. The V-Series 4 is a 4” near-field studio monitor featuring an 85 watt bi-amped class d amplifier. The V-Series 6 is a 6.5” monitor with a 155 watt amp, while the V-Series 8 specs are 8” and a 230 watt amp. These are being used in many studios to create Dolby Atmos’ revolutionary, immersive audio experience that enables artists to mix music so the sound comes from all around and above; it is now an integral part of Apple Music.

Subwoofers: For years, KRK subwoofers have been the choice for accurate low frequency monitoring in studios large and small. The company’s latest generation of powered subwoofers provides a new standard for even better performance and accuracy, raising the bar once again. Whether one is mixing in a stereo or immersive sound environment or just looking to upgrade the low-frequency extension of your existing monitors, KRK Subwoofers will provide the low frequency detail and accuracy that will help create a better mix.

KNS Headphones: The KNS 6402 and KNS 8402 closed back monitoring headphones provide a precise listening experience that takes users from personal studio to commercial studio to on-the-go track evaluations––and they allow them to accurately enjoy the music with the consistent voicing philosophy and honest reproduction top producers, studio musicians, performers and engineers have come to trust.

Kreator Alliance: Early 2021 marked the launch of the KRK Kreator Alliance, composed of artists, engineers and producers that have been influential in the growth of recorded music. With this initiative, KRK is re-imagining how to leverage its iconic past and lean into its innovative future alongside its leading artists. These innovators have joined forces to discuss industry trends, KRK equipment, product launches, brand initiatives and other forward-thinking endeavors.

Contact KRK Systems, 1-800-4GIBSON