Up Close: ILIO

From Samples to Virtual Instruments: Since launching ILIO in 1994, Mark and Shelly Hiskey and their team have been committed to producing and distributing useful, timeless and inspiring sample libraries for musicians. With emerging technology and the ever-evolving needs of musicians, artists and producers, the Westlake Village, CA company has developed into a top distributor of virtual instruments, plug-ins and other tools for music production. Drawing on years of experience in sound design and electronic composition, their knowledge of the quality demanded by today’s music makers is the driving force behind every title they release. Their goal has remained the same: to differentiate themselves by carrying only the most well-conceived and intricately executed products for their growing roster of musicians and producers.

A Background in Sound Design: A composer and sound designer by trade, Mark Hiskey worked out of a MIDI studio starting in the mid-80’s, where he began using sample library products. One of the companies he hooked up with for product was Synclavier, a prominent music tech company that specialized in expensive workstations. He and his wife started ILIO by licensing Synclavier sounds and formatting them for less expensive samplers. “We knew there was a growing trend towards using samples in music production, and it was a good opportunity for us to be there at the beginning of the movement that would explode even further over time,” Hiskey says. “As sample libraries became more sophisticated, many of the companies we distribute have folded them into software instruments. Omnisphere from Spectrasonics, for instance, includes a vast sample library along with a multi-faceted built in synth engine. In addition, ILIO has created our own patch libraries that work with Omnisphere.”

An Array of Companies: ILIO is the proud, exclusive North American distributor of Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments (including Omnisphere 2.6™ Power Synth and Keyscape™ Collector Keyboards); Vienna Symphonic Library (the most widely used orchestral sample library in the industry); Synthogy (including Ivory II Italian Grand and Ivory II American Concert D); Audio Modeling (including SWAM Instruments and Camelot); Plugin Guru (Unify); Delta Sound Labs (Stream); Applied Acoustics Systems (including Ultra Analog VA-3 and String Studio VS-3); Overloud Audio Tools (TH-U Guitar Amp Suite, Gems Bundle – Mixing and Mastering Suite); Gig Performer 3 (Live Performance Host); Hornberg Research (Hornberg MIDI Breath Station); and Sonoma Wire Works (DrumCore 4 Light, DrumCore 4 Ultra). ILIO’s in house products include patch libraries for Spectrasonics Omnisphere such as The Fame Series Patches and BT-Modern Wave – Retro Modeling Analog Synth Tones, in addition to many other popular titles.

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