Up Close: Harbor Studios

Harbor Studios


Perfect Mix Between a Bedroom Studio and Major Studio: Perched on a cliff in Malibu with majestic views of the Pacific in every direction, Harbor Studios has cultivated a one-of-a-kind creative environment. Once artists are able to get past the aesthetic grandeur of Harbor’s luxury world class facility, they get to learn the breadth of Harbor’s unique history as a private studio made public. Originally owned by legendary keyboardist and jazz fusion pioneer Joe Zawinal, Harbor’s history is nothing to be overlooked. After Joe, the studio was given a hefty facelift by Steve Klein in order to serve a film trailer composer who created the trailer compositions for some fan favorites in the studio, including Avatar and Avengers. In 2020, Harbor’s current owner, Zach Zimmerman, bought the space to preserve and continue the musical magic that has been living at the studio for over twenty years.

ZR Quantum Acoustic Technology: Originally engineered to include three (now four) separate acoustic spaces within the same room, the bamboo wood-infused studio utilizes three different ceiling heights and various contrasting materials designed specifically for composing, tracking, and mixing within a shared studio environment, all while providing inspiring panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Hanson Hsu, known for his critically acclaimed ZR Quantum Acoustic Technology, was then hired for his special ability in creating immaculate sonic detail and accuracy. These fabled ZR systems have been utilized and celebrated by many of the world’s elite audio engineers. And, to wrap it all up, the beautiful acoustic architecture of the studio space is topped off by a custom-designed blonde-maple workstation designed and hand-built by the legendary Robert Beijer.

Quote from Owner Zach Zimmerman: A musician himself, Zimmerman decided his best road to impact the world with music would be in his ability to facilitate freedom of creativity for the world’s best artists and musicians at his one of a kind, otherworldly facility. “My goal is to bring the world’s best artists to an environment where they can feel free, creative and inspired to do their best work. With each client, I aim to facilitate their best, most honest art being made. I like to say I’m very hands on, and oftentimes, that can mean being very hands off. The small details matter, but in the end, the only thing that matters is the quality of the art that gets made here. It’s been fun becoming a guardian of creativity, keeping the pressure of the outside world at the gates while artists are here working.”

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