Up Close: Guitar Mastery Method

Guitar Mastery Method


One Humble Guitarist’s Dream: Now boasting thousands of student success stories from around the world, with over 1.7 million guitarists “served” and 360K subscribers to their YouTube channel, the revolutionary Guitar Mastery Method began as the humble dream of New Zealand-based guitarist Charlie Wallace. He had a vision to impact the world with a new kick-ass rock band. Equally proficient in marketing and website building, he knew the only way to make this dream a reality was to build a company that could generate an income to help fund it. After several years of planning, filming and developing his skills, he launched the program about a decade ago—and it quickly and dramatically grew to impact the lives of thousands of guitar players of all ages and skill levels. One of the keys to GMM’s success is that while developing their general and specialized programs, they’ve joined forces with their members to help fulfill their dreams of playing for friends and family, jumping up on stage, playing in a local cover or church band, playing weekly shows, recording songs, etc. 

GMM Founder Charlie Wallace: “I taught myself to play mainly from random and scrambled information I found online, which often left me more confused than anything. I realized I had a whole bunch of knowledge now, that I wished I could send back in a time capsule to my younger self so I could learn in a more organized manner with the correct information put in the correct order so I could get much faster results. I set out on creating that course to help guitarists around the world, so they don’t have to go through the same struggles that I went through.”

Guitar Mastery Method Courses: The multi-module courses include Guitar Mastery 101 (Wallace’s flagship course), Texas Blues Mastery, Country Guitar Mastery, 8 Week Ultimate Guitar Skill Workshop, Classic Rock Mastery, 10 Week Master the Fretboard Workshop, 26 Hot Rock Licks, Capo Masterclass, Barre Chord Mastery, The Ultimate Guitar Speed Building System, Slide Guitar for the Lazy Guitarist, 7-Day Guitar Kickstart and 6-Week Rhythm & Lead Mastery Workshop. One of GMM’s most prolific instructors and course creators is Eddie Haddad, a veteran who played for years with Eddie Money and has shared stages with everyone from Sammy Hagar to Neal Schon and Hank Williams, Jr. One of his most popular trademark courses is The Ultimate Guitarist Blueprint, a seven-module course that covers a wide range of topics designed to fast track the student’s skills at strumming, soloing and playing songs more quickly than they could have imagined. There are also free lessons on their YouTube channel and exclusive content for paid subscribers to their VIP club.

Eddie Haddad: “Charlie likes the quote, ‘The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time’—and that’s the approach all GMM instructors take. We try to be conversational, casual and disarming so students are not intimidated. We shape lessons around what motivates students to feel confident and succeed. We want to give them a win after each video, a note of encouragement that reminds them, despite any initial fears, that they really can do this!”

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