Unsigned Artist: Jordan JAE


At 16, Jordan JAE is perfectly situated to tap the source of good-natured, youthful rebellion with infectious tracks whose production quality is near perfect. “Teenage Brilliant” is a jab-at-the-parents anthem that generates a catchy, carefree defiance. The acoustic guitar-driven “I’d Choose You” is marred by some cheesy lyrics but showcases her best quality—a crisp/pristine voice. We most appreciate the girl-power anthem “Hopping Fences” due to a thumping, inclusive energy akin to Lumineers (“Ho-Hey”) and Mumford & Sons. With not an ounce of edge or darkness, Jordan JAE is fresh-faced, non-threatening and strong in suburban schoolgirl appeal. It’s all mounted with a professional polish that makes it well worth a look-see.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: fb.com/JordanJAEMusic
Seeking: Indie Opportunities
Style: Indie-Pop, Singer/Songwriter