Unsigned Artist: Honey and Jude


There is a definite commercial appeal to this duo, who exhibit well-trained vocal mechanics, with Jude emitting some especially dreamy tones (including falsetto) that can wilt the young women in the audience. “My Stupid Songs” has quirky, refreshing lyrics and allows the pair to really project their individual personalities. (Handclaps could be louder in the mix, though.) H&J slow things down with the mild, conventional “I Need You” and our favorite, “Not Worth A Song,” which we like for its vocal-and-piano format and the rhyme scheme in the chorus. These performers have great energy, solid songcraft and it is clear they’ve got musical theater in their veins. We’d love to hear these singers reach for even higher highs and lower lows.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: honeyandjudemusic.com
Seeking: Label, Film/TV
Style: Pop