Unsigned Artist: Lily Meola


An alluring air of mystery, sensuality and danger oozes from these songs on which Maui-born Meola is bathed in a cavernous pool of reverb. Not so unlike Lana Del Rey, Meola presents herself as a haunted, retro-sexy femme fatale, as on “Bad Weather” where she purrs to her lover/co-conspirator “You and me go good in bad weather.” A vaguely haunting banjo riff carries “Sinkin’ Soon,” where again the singer’s persona is that of a bluesy, woozy seductress. That track especially shows a low-range vocal resonance that we like. Possibly her best tune is “They Say”—its relatable lyrics, catchy piano chords and breathy emotion make it viable for a Demi Lovato album. Meola is an intriguing storyteller who’s got a presentation that captivates.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: lilymeola.com
Seeking: Label, Film/TV, Distribution
Style: Jazzy Blues-Rock