Out Take: George Streicher

George Streicher


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Most Recent: Corrective Measures

Composer George Streicher has written original scores for a range of film and television projects including Heroes of the Golden Masks, Go Fish, Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom, Total Badass Wrestling and The Smurfs, video games like Harry Potter: Magic Awakened and live events such as Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks. “I think scoring for film is definitely the most challenging because of the restrictions you have. You’re locked into a timeframe,” Streicher says. “Animation is probably the hardest to write for, because it’s all built from the ground up: sound effects, dialogue, visuals—so it’s hard to get momentum and energy from it. Though writing music for animation is difficult, I really enjoy how much the music has to accomplish in terms of telling the story in animation.” 

Streicher got his start in the field by scoring student projects, and constantly writing and releasing his own music. “There are a million pathways to breaking into the field, but you have to make as much stuff as you can and put it out there,” Streicher says. “If you’re not showing anybody your work and making it discoverable, nothing happens in a vacuum. Being social is extremely important. I landed my first projects because I was making music and putting it out on YouTube, just for the enjoyment of it.” 

Recently, Streicher worked on the score for Corrective Measures, a sci-fi action film starring Bruce Willis and Michael Rooker that released this spring on Tubi. Streicher developed a score for the film that embraces a range of musical styles including classical, metal and southern rock. “This score gave me the opportunity to stretch my legs and do something I’d never done before,” he says. “Other scores I’ve worked on were more orchestral-driven, but this is a prison movie, and the film had these great country rock and folk songs in it, and those genres really lend themselves to the story. With the score, I channeled that kind of style, and it has a fun energy in a B-movie type of way.”