Tracks Needed For Back to School Shopping Ad

White Knight Worldwide Media (BMI) and MusicOpps.com are scouting tracks for Ad Firm executives who are producing a mainstream department store "Back to School" shopping campaign. Music should be uplifting, bouncy, feel-good, up-tempo and family friendly.

Final spot will be aired Nationally as a closed circuit, in-store advertisement. Usage includes all plasma screens across the entire chain of department stores. Ad duration will be no longer than 15-30 seconds. Spot will run for no longer than 2 months.

SUBMISSION DATES: July 1, 2017 - July 28, 2017

Open to all uplifting, feel-good genres. Both songs with vocals and instrumentals are accepted.

-Tracks must be well-produced, professional, and ready for inclusion in programming.
-Tracks must be appropriate for the supported content.
-Artists or representation must own all copyrights.
-No re-titles.
-No uncleared samples will be allowed.

-Budget: Up to $5,000.00 USD for a non-exclusive, one-time license.
-Usage Duration: 2 month from first airing.
-Track Length: No less than 90 Seconds. Must work for edits/cut downs.
-Usage: All Media
-Territory: Worldwide
-Agreement: Client details & deal memo to be provided upon final track selection in commercial.

Songs submitted will all be reviewed thoroughly by MusicOpps.com staff. All tracks that match the submission criteria will then be passed along to advertising firm decision makers for consideration. If selected, MusicOpps.com staff will then provide the contact information and steps for artist to complete the process.

*There are no additional fees once an artist is selected, only the submission fee listed below.

NOTE: Even if you are not selected for this opportunity, you may be considered for future licensing.
-A SoundCloud link of your song (for producers to stream). No file-delivery or FTP links.
-WAV file and metadata (once selected for broadcast).

SUBMISSION FEE: $15.00 per track

Link to submit: musicopps.com/2017/07/opp-back-to-school-shopping-ad.html#more