TouchMix Sessions - Top Picks of 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’d like to highlight some of our absolute favorite TouchMix Sessions from this year! The TouchMix isn’t just your ordinary mixer – it’s the ultimate game-changer for sculpting your band's sound and unleashing unparalleled creativity. Behold, our three absolute must-watch, must-listen Top Picks of the year, all brought to life through the magic of TouchMix:

In each of these videos, the TouchMix digital mixer played a starring role, not just as a mixer but as the maestro behind multitrack audio recording and delivering zero-latency monitor mixes for the musicians. As you dance your way into the new year, may it be a symphony of joy and music, filling your days with health, happiness, and an abundance of sonic delights. Cheers to an extraordinary new year ahead!