Torrey Can't Do Without Their Fender Mustangs

Kelly Gonsalves of Bay Area "textural pop group" Torrey told us about their need for Fender.

Kelly Gonsalves: Choosing one piece of gear is tough! We’re going to go with our Fender Mustangs.

Both Adam and I play identical Mustangs with P90s in them. We don’t know how it happened, but at some point over the last few years we ended up playing the same guitar and stuck with it. They feel great to play and have nice tonal range.

We’ve also developed quite the pedal collection, which seems to suit these guitars.

And when Ryann chooses to play her Mustang Bass we’re all matching at shows. It’s a thing!

Torrey's self-titled album is out now.

(Photo by Katie Lovecraft)